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Bajawa over Moni to Maumere


After visiting the Komodo National Park I went across Flores from Labuan Bajo to Maumere over Ruteng, Bajawa and Moni. These photos are from the second part of this trip from Bajawa to Maumere over Moni

October 5th, 2014

I went for a walk in some rice fields close to Bajawa
Many of the more traditional villages near Bajawa feature an odd set of monoliths on a row
The fair at Bajawa that I ran into while walking through the city an evening
Mount Inarie in the early morning on the way to Bena
Traditional village close to Inarie
Another row of monoliths at another traditional village
The veranda of a village cottage featuring life size wooden statue keeping watch over the village courtyard
Old woman in the first morning light in a traditional village near Inaria and Bajawa
Most villagers are catholic and grave sites are a scattered around the village
A lot of the houses feature beautiful carvings
The view of Bena from afar, a 900 year old traditional Ngada village
Another ensemble of erected stones
One of the crater lake of Kelimutu near Moni.
A monkey on the edge of the darker of the three crater lakes at Kelimutu
With quite a few tourists coming to Bena, many of the villagers earn an extra income by selling Ikat their traditional hand woven fabrics
A few more monkeys posing by Kelimutu
A curious friend coming over to say hi
The darker of the three crater lakes as seen from inside the crater
It's hard to see, but the photo is taken almost straight down and there is a big drop down to the lake itself
A branch hugging the crater ridge
Kelimutu at dusk. It has become tradition to see the lakes at sunrise so I had the scenery completely to myself at dusk.
I stayed at Lena house near Maumere and had some wonderful peaceful walks on this beach in the early mornings and evenings
Outrigger canoes near Maumere
Children where helping out getting the net in for the evening
A traditional outrigger canoe
The beach at low tide

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred