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Hampi day 4

Hampi with Nandini

During our last day in Hampi we decided to walk over to the opposite side of the river and trek towards Anegundi, an old village some 10km's away. After getting stuck and being saved by a circular boat, we passed through farmland and backcountry before arriving at the most beautiful riverbank full of birds, cows and temples.

August 6th, 2012

Peasants attending their rice fields on the other side of the river with the temple in the background.
Another shot of the pilgrimage beach. We were hiking along the other side of the river but couldn't move any further at this point. Fortunately one of the circular boat men saw us and came to the rescue.
We are about to board a circular boat, paying 400 rupees for passage 1km up the river. When you are rescuing people you can pretty much demand whatever price you want.
A bridge made by the remnants of an older and much better bridge.
A farmer cutting up some straw who greeted us as we walked by.
Women attending rice fields.
Detail from an old door.
The whole door from the picture before.
Cows outside Anegundi.
The monsoon sky hanging low over the temples of Anegundi
An old door, also from Anegundi
Dried leaves hanging on the door from before
A photography colleague snapping a picture of me
The village kids are swimming in the river
Temple dogs keeping the temple of Anegundi safe.
Everywhere you walk in nature there are signs of an old civilization. The dots you can see on the rocks to the right are small holes made to break them apart.
Under a magical tree a small girl was standing waiting for her mother. If you have wishes you hang something on the tree and the tree will give it to you.
An Indian family exploring the ruins
The view towards the main temple from the river bend.
Three monkeys hanging out on a fence.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred