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Hampi day 3

Hampi with Nandini

To get around a little more we rented a motorbike and drove around the country side, first heading to towards Hospet to look at the villages. On the way back we stumbled over some water falls and ended up by a fallen down bridge close to Anegundi.

August 5th, 2012

Waterworn rocks close to the waterfalls
Nandhini and the bike under the monsoon sky.
A patient Nandhini waits for me to finish taking my photos.
The traffic on the road towards hospet.
A small road that used to lead towards Anegundi before the bridge fell down.
Nandhini inspecting her country
After the bridge fell down a few trucks were sent over to fix it, but for reasons unknown the trucks and the bridge were left to decay instead.
The view over the river and a truck waiting for someone to come and put the wheels back on.
To make up for the bridge, a ferry had been improvised. We ended up taking it the day after.
This is as far as the bridge goes.
The improvised ferry is crossing the river in the sunset.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred