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Belem and the Botanical Gardens

Iberia by Train

We went on am excursion with the ferry to Belem where we walked around for a bit before finding the botanical gardens and having a stroll around. Finally in the evening we danced with Tara, Michael and Aroha.

March 3rd, 2020

Lisa touching textured tiles that made up a large chicken
the entrance to the closed green house at the Botanical Garden
close up of the fence from the entrance to the green house
Tree covered in cacti
Succulents and also concrete frames
Cacti + Concrete
peacock feathers
peacocks on a roof
Spirally flowers
More spirally flowers
the green house chimneys
is it a fountain?
Lisa touching a fierce tree
light sculpture
Boat on the beach
everybody dancing together

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred