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Fonte De Telha

Iberia by Train

Pictures from the first three days of our trip to Portugal, partly from the train trip there but mostly from Lisbon and from a walk along the beach out to Fonte De Telha

March 1st, 2020

arriving to the Oriente station with the night Train. it wasn't our stop, but the station was so pretty I jumped out of the train to take a selfie
Planters in Lisbon
A beautiful mural that made us nearly miss our ferry
On the ferry to Almada
On the ferry to Almada
Lisa and Tara messaging each other
Cool Lisa
Highway instructions
Succulent Flower
More beautiful flowers
Selfie near the beach
Cute spirally succulents
Lichen covering the sandy ground
Lisa walking to the beach
crossing railway tracks
on the beach after running down the dunes
paddling on the beach
weird translucent jellyfish thingie
Everyone on the beach
walking with Tara and Michael
weird worms on a washed up wooden frame
weird worms on a washed up wooden frame
More beach time

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred