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Images from Peru

Ayacucho is my favorite place in Peru. It's relaxed and blessed with a mild but warm climate and plenty of excellent food, not to mention a fabulous market and good home made yogurt. Together with Ruthie I spent a few days here relaxing and recuperating after an exhausting trip from Cuzco, hitch hiking north through the Andes. The few pictures I have with me home from this city are mostly centered around our daily life in the city, going to the market and relaxing on the balcony just outside the room.

July 28th to August 3rd, 2011

The view of the city of dreams from the balcony of the hotel we were staying at. Down to the right is the market. It was a most excellent location in a most excellent city.
Reading a book after breakfast
This is from inside the market, where the juice stands are packet tight with delicious options such as an 'especial', consisting of all the different fruits plus honey, beer and raw egg. When you order, they ask you if you want the egg shell in there too.
Pollo por todos lados
Local cheese. The fresh cheese was not too bad, where as the dry version was fairly uneventful.
More cheese, plus the cheese-lady.
Plenty of onions and a hiding lady who didn't want to appear in my photo.

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