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La Selva

Images from Peru

Together with Ruthie I went to visit the Peruvian jungle in the area just before the Apurimac river joins the Mantaro River, driving the 197 kilometers from Ayacucho down to the jungle in a small truck zigzagging down small dirt roads for 8 hours. These photos start out in the town of San Fransisco where we first arrived, and continue in a small reserve some 30 kilometers south where we hiked in the jungle for two days on a path taking us past 5 magnificent waterfalls, all much to big to be captured with my 50mm lens. The rest of the photos are taken in or around Pichari, where the local city counsel were very enthusiastically helping us and inviting us fishing, as we were the only tourists who had come by for months. More information about the area can be found here: http://www.visitaelvrae.galeon.com/ (in spanish).

July 30th to August 1st, 2011

San Fransisco in the Peruvian part of the Amazonas. The 186 kilometers between here and Ayacucho take 8 hours in bus, descending more than 2000 altitude meters on a narrow dirt road.
The local means of transportation. These vehicles were usually decorated with all kinds of glamorous decoration such as flames and the batman logo.
The local market, where people would look suspiciously at me as I walked by.
Colorful potatoes
The river
Animals and a kid keeping an eye on me.
Kid constructing palm huts in the jungle.
We went for a two day hike to a local place where 5 big waterfalls greeted us as we slowly climbed upwards with our backpacks. This was one of them.
Down below all the villagers are working hard at making the site more pleasant. Many people in the nearby villages came by in the weekend to relax near the cool water. Foreigners on the other hand was not a common sight, and we were the first gringos to visit in months.
Local insectoid
Another waterfall, or the base of it, at least. Just imagine that the same thing continues upwards for quite a while.
Another insectoid
A strange animal decided to say hello on the way back.
Ruthie and strange animal.
Here the strange animal is compared to a shoe. It's noticeably larger.
The guys from the municipality invited us fishing when we came back from the waterfalls.
Ruthie trying her luck.
Alex helps me getting the hook out of the fish I just caught.
The wife of the local native chief. Or one of them. Supposedly she had to share him with 6 other wifes.
Making baskets
Native kids, looking away from the camera.
The 88 year old tribe leader over a big section of the Apurimac river in the Peruvian Amazonas.

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