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On the way to Ayacucho

Images from Peru

After staying in Huamaraca and visiting the cloud forest, Ruthie and I continued onward with Virgilio and his nephew to Andahuaylas. Along the way we had the good fortune of seeing both an inca and a Chanka fortress guarding the mountain passes on our route. The first 4 photos are taken from an Inca temple close to Huamaraca, while the later photos are taken at dusk of a beautiful fortress built by the Chanka, who were another peruvian culture fighting the Incas. The last two photos are snapshots from Andahuaylas where we spent a day before taking a bus to Ayacucho.

July 24th, 2011

An inca temple and a fancy car.
Ruthie watching the view
Another view of the inca temple, just standing there without anyone but us to admire it.
Ruthie, Virgilio and his nephew waiting around for me to get back to the car
Virgilio's nephew squinting at the evening sunshine.
The usual state of the road during the 8 hours between Abancay and Andahuaylas.
The Chanka fortress just before dusk.
The view out over the andes
More of the view, with high mountains somewhere near to Cusco in the background
Rocks and mountains
The old road led up between the two buildings, where as the new one goes around them.
Ruthie on a rock
Grass and rocks
Me getting shaved in Andahuaylas
The market decorated with flags and Peruvian women wearing their typical Peruvian hats

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