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Beach Tokamak

Late Summer

I gathered a few friends and fellow dancers on a beach near Leith for some late summer bonfire and dance in the sand. I had bought a battery driven PA and a few fairy-lights in preparation and with the help of a few friends got a nice bonfire assembled for the evening

August 12nd, 2017

Setting up on the beach.
Paul has got the bonfire going
People are starting to arrive as the sun is setting over the port
I'm watching Paul smash up one of the pallets he brought along
Leith Port by sunset
The dance floor is clearly demarked by fairy lights
Dancing is happening!
A full view of the dance floor
Jo and Ian on the rocks
Trevor and Jess dancing
Jess, Shell and Julie hanging out
Leek and Ben chatting by the fire
Natasha and Leek heading back after a dance
Leek posing for the camera
People standing around the fire
Natasha DJ'ing
Ian laughing
Paul make sure the fire is fed
Paul posing for the camera
Dances by the bonfire
Making faces
Non-dancing and phone checking
Carmen dancing by the fire
More dances by the same fire
Paul walking around with an axe and flashlight
Dancing keeps going
Fire as seen from above
David and Sarah
Keeping the fire burning
Leek sleeping under fairy lights
Dancing by the fire

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred