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Koli, Finland

Late Summer

I visited Annika in Koli, Eastern Finland where we went for a hike around the Koli National Park for a couple of days before driving to Patvinsu National Park to do a bit more hiking

August 17th, 2017

The shore of Pielinen
Annika in the evening
Cloudberries and blueberries
Picking cloudberries
The view out over Saunalampi with Pielinen in the background
We had lunch in a conical hut
A mushroom we found on the way
Myself in a field of flowers
Annika pointing at Herajärvi
Berries we had picked that day. From left to right: Strawberry, Braeberry, lingonberry, blueberry, red current, cloudberry, raspberry
Herajärvi in the evening
More Herajärvi
We took a floating bridge-boat across a small straight in Herajärvi
Mushrooms and moss
Pines and bluesberries
The view out over Pielinen
Annika in Patvinsu
The view out over Patvinsu from a bird watching tower
Moss in Patvinsu
Me posing on the staircase of the bird wathcing tower
Me being a monkey
The path
A cloudberry
Moss and cloudberry leaves
Me walking by Suominjärvi near Patvinsu
Chilling the feet
Me being very happy and barefoot
The view out over Koli in the evening
Pielinen in the evening
View down from the birdtower
Last view of the evening out over Pielinen

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred