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Samsø and Denmark

Late Summer

For the second year in a row I had invited a bunch of friends to Samsø for an extended weekend of hanging out, eating and enjoying each other's company. Before heading there I spent a few days with my parents in Malling and went up to Skagen with Yi Yun

September 11th, 2017

Karen and Lasse
Yi Yun playing darts after rum tasting
Yi Yun on Råbjerg Mile
We climbed a dune by Råbjerg Mile
Posing on Råbjerg Mile
Walking back to the car on a sandy path
Walking up to Grenen by Skagen
The beach and lighthouse + Yi Yun
On the tip of Grenen a seal was lying in the sun relaxing
Seal + Rainbow
Seal looking cute
The west beach looking south
Yi Yun chasing sea gulls
Yi Yun chasing more sea gulls
We built a small cairn
We found a bunch of seabuckthorn
Toby, Lory and Yi Yun in my parent's kitchen
A bucket of elderberries on the table in Samsø
Fresh fruits from the garden and veggies for dinner
Kirsten hiding behind leeks
Beach group photo (with Vaiva and Tautvydas missing)
Another beach group photo (still with Vaiva and Tautvydas missing)
Potatoes for dinner
Karen preparing drinks
Preparing dinner
Myself preparing Thai Milk Tea + Licorice Shots
Vaiva making faces
Hanging out by the fire
The focus is on dirty words
Playing games in the evening
Martin and I taught a dance lesson
Martin and I demonstrating
Making dumplings
Silje making dumplings
Watching improv
Yi Yun and Krem driving in a taxi
Out on Besser Rev
Hanging out on the beach at Besser Rev
On the ferry heading to Kalundborg

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred