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Moments in Switzerland

At what seemed like the very last opportunity to get out and up in the mountains, Ylva and I went out to climb the Bishorn (4153) heading out from Zinal (1670) in Valais on the 13th of October. The week before it had been snowing a lot and the snow limit had already creeped down do around 2600 altitude meters when we started heading up to towards a hut making us slightly worried about the possibilities of reaching the summit.

October 13rd, 2012

Plenty of faded fall colors
Right after taking this photo, a paraglider came out from behind the edge, and a fox ran away right below us.
Ylva takes a look at the view (1)
Ylva takes a look at the view (2)
These sweet little men were holding the shutters open on the old mountain hut we reached in the late afternoon. They won't be there for long though as a new hut is being constructed in it's place.
Evening at the hut/construction site (they were building the new hut right next to the old one, but fortunately the construction workers were down for the weekend.
Heading out in the early morning on the glacier, all roped up waiting for the sun to come out.
Traversing the glacier is a tricky business. I was instructed that if Ylva fell in a ravine to the left, I would dive headfirst into a ravine on the right. More or less.
Ice axes bring up the worst in me. (Ylva took this photo)
Taking a break on the mountain side separated by 10 meters of rope. The top is up on the right.
The look out behind us
Ylva posing with the Bishorn in the background.
After much toil and hardship the incline finally flattened out a bit, and after getting a cup of tea I started to feel like this mountain might actually be possible to climb.
So, where do we go here?
20 altitude meters from the top, and having to deal with a pretty vivid wind that unfortunately can't be seen on the photo. (I didn't take this photo, Ylva did)
Walking up the final edge with the Weisshorn (4506) in the background.
On the way up I lost a glove that got carried away by the wind. It tumbled down the glacier before it finally decide to stop right be the edge next to a vertical drop. It was still there on the way down, and I went to pick it up again.
Finally a photo that shows the wind and snow whirling over the mountain side.
The Bishorn.
Curvy glacier.
Almost back at the hut.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred