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In Australia

Kangaroos etc

In Australia I visited Ruthie in Melbourne and went up along the coast to Pambula where there were kangaroos everywhere. In Pambula we went on some beautiful hikes.

September 10th, 2012

Ruthie taking photography of some graffiti.
Wholesale & export butcher in Melbourne
Wonderful graffiti in Melbourne along some side street.
A beautiful spot along the road between Melbourne and Pambula.
Ruthie inspecting an old railway bridge.
Kangaroos in Pambula
I managed to feed a kangaroo!
Pambula beach at sunset..
Ruthie on the rocks.
A waterfall.
Orange and black rock. This photo is taken by Ruthie, I think.
I'm skipping stones.
Rotten wood.
Some odd pine cones in a tree on a mountain in the rain.
The forest near a mountain where we had a hike in the rain.
Close up of some plants.
The harbor in Eden at sunset.
Hiking along the coast.
Kangaroos in nature.
Red rock formations on a beach.
A bug sitting in the grass.
Ruthie checking the map on our way to the camp ground.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred