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Moments in Switzerland

Together with Bill, Camilo and Maira I went for a two day hike from Lac de Mauvoisin to la Cabane FXB Panossiere next to Le Grand Combin. The photos are taken with a new lens (sigma 24-70 2.8) and edited with a new editor (darktable), so I'm still a little green both at using the lens and working with darktable afterwards.

July 7th, 2012

After spotting a marmot, we sent two expedition members out to asses the situation. Here they are posing just outside the very hole the Marmot escaped in.
Outside of a lot of uphill walking, climbing mountains also includes traversing treacherous snow fields.
A suitable place for lunch.
The view that met us as we reached the pass.
Across a lake of ice, glaciers came tumbling down in slow motion.
Bill followed by Camilo and a giant glacier
Upon seeing this photo again, I regret not having poured the beer before taking the shot
The view from the refuge towards Le Grand Combin
Three expedition members take moment to tan next to the refuge
A glacier crevasse is inspected
Late night chillin'
A rainbow came by the next morning
One last look back at the glacier

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred