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Bangalore with Nandhini

Hampi with Nandini

When I first arrived in India I stayed two days with the uncle and aunt of Nandhini in Bangalore. Nandhini came up from Coimbatore and we spend a couple of days oppressing the grass of various parks around the city together with Nandhini's cousin Swati.

August 1st, 2012

Nandhini with wind in her hair. My nose can be seen up in the corner. This photo is taken by Swati.
I'm sleeping out my jetlag next to what looks like a skeleton from this angle. I'm not sure who took the photo.
Picture of a neat flower in a park in Bangalore. I didn't take this photo.
A pine cone in the grass. I didn't take this photo.
The paparazzi's got really close. I (obviously) didn't take this photo.
Twisted branches on a tree. Not my photo.
Photo of my face. I think Nandhini took this photo.
A nice shot of my new shoes. I think Nandhini took this photo too.
A photo of Nandhini taken by Swati.
Nandhini's aunt's mother, with Nandhini's aunt in the background.
Nandhini's aunt's mother playing a Veena
Com street, Bangalore in the evening

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred