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Mandalay and other old capitals


In Mandalay I rented a small motor bike and rode around the country side along the Irrawaddy river to visit a few of the many old capitals situated on the river banks.

June 12nd, 2013

Three kids hang out by the palace walls in Mandalay
After walking for 2 hours along the palace walls to find the entrance I was turned around and told to come back the next day. I took this photo instead and left.
The covered staircase up the Mandalay Hill
Bananas at the market in Mandalay close to my hostel
Roadside restaurant with typical minuscule plastic chairs
Stupas along the staircase up to a temple in Amarapura. The bridge across to Sagaing can be seen in the background.
More stupas looking north from a temple in Amarapura
Driving towards Inn Wa, an old capital, I passed this gorgeous building.
Detail from facade of old building near Inn Wa
Garden gnomes on a row.
Swirling dragon up the building side
Old crooked watchtower is leaning in the background. It's the only building left from the palace in Inn Wa.
The view out over Sagaing from the Soon u Ponya Shin pagoda.
The view towards Amarapura
Benches with Buddhist verses along the covered walkway up towards the Soon u Ponya Shin pagoda
Neon Buddha + colored lights.
The city stretching out across the horizon is Mandalay
Boats on the Irrawaddy at sunset. This shot is taken right next to Amarapura, and the stubas from an earlier shot can be seen in the background.
The stairway down towards Sagaing from the Soon u Ponya Shin pagoda
Sagaing seen from the bridge over the Irrawaddy.
Three Buddhist monks crossing the river.
Pagodas in the hills. In the background the Soon u Ponya Shin pagoda is sitting at the very top of the hill.
A shower hanging over Amarapura.
Rain falling on Amarapura.
The Irrawaddy at sunset
Heavy rain falling on the river while I take photos of the sunset.
Boats moored by Amarapura.
Rowing in the rain. It was pouring down so heavily the umbrella I was holding did little to protect me.
A peasant mooring by the river bank in the pouring rain

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred