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Bagan on the second day


During my second day in Bagan I first went around Nyaung-U on a bike exploring the river upstream before returning to the temples in the afternoon. The view of the pagoda covered plains in the rain was one of the most beautiful of my vacation.

June 11th, 2013

A house in Nyaung-U, close to Bagan where I was walking around an early morning.
A small road leading up to a temple.
A monk looking suspiciously at me as I barged in while he was eating breakfast.
The tree to the left captured my eyes, but this is unfortunately the best show I could get of it.
Cows close to Kon Daw Gyi near Nyaung-U
Decorations from inside a Pagoda.
A monk with wonderful ears.
Some of the brick pagodas still had a layer of the original decorative covering.
The view towards Kon Daw Gyi with the Irrawadi river in the background.
Repetitive decorations from the inside of the pagoda.
A few details from the decoration of a pagoda.
Three pagodas on a row next to the Irrawadi river.
The home of a monk who lived in a cave.
The view out over the fields.
The monk who lives in a cave. His cave is the one to the left.
A small homestead in between ancient buildings.
The view out over the plains on top of a different Pagoda that is possible to climb from the day before.
A long dragon protects an entrance.
Heavy clouds
It started raining and a tourist was taking photos under her umbrella.
The rain gave the landscape a wonderfully misty feeling.
Temples and pagodas disappearing in the rain.
Cows are lead across the fields.
After the rain stopped, the clouds became more distinctly shaped.
People praying to a Buddha below.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred