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Upon Arriving in Myanmar


During the short afternoon I spent in Yangon before taking the train towards Bagan, the city was flooded by two hours of intense rain. The first 6 photos are taken while I walked around in streets of knee deep water in my sandals. The remaining shots are from the train trip north towards Bagan with the night train.

June 9th, 2013

I was buying lunch by the docks of Yangon when the rain started.
Two hours later the rain had turned to a drizzle and the sidewalks were flooded in waves caused by the traffic
People are waiting for the bus in the water.
The muddy water made it difficult to see how high pants needed to be folded before crossing the street.
I wasn't the only one documenting the spectacle.
A man had devised a hands-free umbrella.
By the train station of Yangon.
The beer turned out to be a catastrophic idea, since the tracks aren't exactly new and the bumpiness soon made sure more beer was on the floor than in my glass.
The view from my window by a small station not so far from Yangon
The dining car.
Passing another train at a station next morning.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred