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Paddleboarding on the Dwyryd Estuary

Staying in Snowdonia

The neat thing with an estuary is that the current turns with the tide. With a bit of timing, we paddleboarded with the low tide out to the sea shore 5 miles away, had our lunch on a sandbank and went for a dip before heading back with the high tide to our starting point.

September 14th, 2020

The view toards Borth-y-Gest from the paddleboard
Lisa took this photo back over her head sitting in front of me on the paddle board
The high mountain in the background is Snowdon
Me paddling as we turn the bend by Porth Meiron
Reaching the coast
Lisa on a sandbank on the beach where we had our lunch break
Half-way selfie
Me looking excited at our new home
Paddling back towards Talsarnau
Lisa with Snowdonia in the foreground
Rings from drops as lisa moves the paddle
Still water as the high tide flows in
Selfie while I'm paddling
Another paddle-selfie
Porth Meiron - a weird italian village constructed as a folly
Porth Meiron
We went on a short visit to Porth Meiron
Me packing down the paddleboard back close to where we were staying

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred