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Evening walk to Ynys Gifftan

Staying in Snowdonia

After an evening in the van, we stayed at the Estuary Cottage which lies by the Talsarnau train station, a little away from town and right next to the Dwyryd Estuary. The owner, Bob, informed us that the grass pass the levy was so good it used to be taken away and used at Wembley, so after settling in we went for a stroll to have a look at it ourselves and went up the small tidal island called Ynys Gifftan

September 13rd, 2020

Lisa walking out to the estuary
Lovely wembley turf and Ynys Gifftan in the background
Me walking on the rocks
Lisa on Ynys Gifftan
Lovely lichen on the rocks
Lisa on the rocks
Sitting on the sand looking towards Llandecwyn
The view out towards Port Meiron
Evening clouds

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred