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Long Island, The Andamans, Part 2

The Andaman Islands

During my stay at Long island the villagers of the island celebrated India's independence day with a small ceremony at the village square. The first 5 photos are from that day. The rest are from a walk I took in the jungle along the western part of the island.

August 14th, 2012

Two schoolkids posing on their way to school
Everybody getting ready for the independence day ceremony.
Most of the village was gathered behind me and to the right watching the raising of the flag.
A charming kid insisting on a photo.
Rice fields and monsoon clouds from the interior part of the island.
A cow is navigating the narrow and muddy paths separating the rice fields.
A path I was walking while exploring the jungle
A small jungle lake filled with nasty biting insects
Detail from a branch of a banana leaf
A sudden rock face created a tableau in the middle of nowhere.
A climbing fig had managed to kill it's host, leaving the fig branches standing as a circular scaffold.
The empty fig tree standing on the left with a diagonal tree leaning out next to it.
A small dry river leading out to the mangrove forest.
The rice fields in the early evening.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred