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Long Island, The Andamans, Part 1

The Andaman Islands

After being sufficiently touristy on Havelock Island I caught a boat to Long island where I would spend the majority of my 4 days being the only foreigner on the Island. Long island is filled with rice fields, jungle and deserted beaches. It's a wonderful place to explore.

August 13rd, 2012

A couple of piglets in the village on Long island
The outskirts of the village on long island.
jungle and tropical suburb.
A few kids and their mother standing in my way while I'm exploring.
Close to my guesthouse, the villagers are gathered to build a new dam in order to create rice fields.
The view out over the deforested interior of the island. Dense jungle was surrounding the fields on all sides.
A snake hurrying away when I came walking in my flip flops. Fortunately I had my camera ready to take a snapshot.
A wonderful and completely empty beach awaited me after I had crossed a narrow stretch of jungle sliding down through mud and getting 3 leeches in the process.
A pesky butterfly finally sitting still long enough for me to get a snapshot.
After walking for an hour along the beach I met a few cows having a good time.
Sandworms would create spiraling shapes on the untouched sand of a broad beach by the tip of the island.
The hut of a a couple of fishermen isolated by 2 hours of jungle from the rest of the island.
A crab guarding the mud from intruders and foreigners.
After not being eaten by a crocodile I return back through the jungle.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred