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Hong Kong

The Far East

At the tail end of my trip I spent 3 days walking the streets of Hong Kong, being in awe of the architecture and feel of the city. I spent most of my time criss crossing Kowloon where a lot of the buildings are from the early 50's and have their own unique aestethic, rendering the city quite homogenous in it's form and shape. Charlotte who lives here took me around for a couple of days, first touring the Hong Kong island and and later taking me up the Lion Rock together with her friend Miracle.

December 15th, 2016

The view towards Victoria Harbour early evening Thursday after I first arrived.
A look back towards Tsim Sha Tsui
The Victoria Harbour at dusk
Park in front of lower apartment complex somewhere in Kowloon
The Bank of China Building used to be my favorite skyscraber as a kid. I had forgotten until I finally saw it on the skyline looking across to Hong Kong Island. In my memory it stood out clearly from the rest of the skyline, but that was in the 90's and since then it has been almost dwarfed by neighboring buildings.
Night time street scene
Tugging boat taken from a ferry going to north point in the early morning
The market is getting set up somewhere by North Point
A photogenic fish monger
Colorful building downtown. Particularly the rainbow building next door.
Clothes hanging out to dry.
For some reason all the aircons are hanging out facing the street.
Afternoon light in street somewhere near Sham Shui Po
A butcher looking red under colored light
Bamboo scaffolding lying ready in the street
People crossing
Older low-rise getting restored. I quite like the rounded corners of the balcony.
Corner building with stackered levels, leavning many of the higher floors with a rooftop veranda.
One of the more dillapidated corner buildings.
Stackered levels and plenty of street signs
Boxy low-rise.
One of my favorite Hong Kong buildings. My dream is to have one of the end flats with the windows stretching all around the corner.
A very square building in Lai Chi Kok
I like the contrast between what must be the stairway with the vertical red lines, next to the drawn out boxes of individual apartments (but I wouldn't want to live in this building)
Street in Lai Chi Kok
Charlotte and Miracle on the top of the Lion Peak (after a hardworking ascend)
The view out over Kowloon and Victoria Harbour in the far away distance
Dense residential neighborhood
On the way down we ran in to a bunch of monkeys
Charlotte and Miracle in Mongkok
Durian pancake for meeeeee.
Look: I'm eating durian pancake.
Charlotte took this photo of me parading in the crowds of Mongkok
Hong Kong airport early morning before my flight home.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred