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Christmas on Samsø

Winter 2016-2017

I spent christmas on Samsø together with my parents and my sister. We had a bit of an anti-christmas, relaxing by the fire and going on walks. It was really nice.

December 24th, 2016

A storm was quickly approaching but when we reached the sea it was still light and dry
Lise and Vagn walking down to the water
Walking along the beach just before the rain hits
The view out over the water as the first few raindrops started to fall
Vagn and Karen on Issehoved
Walking at the tip of Samsø
By the fire
We wanted to walk out on Besser Rev, but the tide was too high to walk very far
Just as we started walking out on Besser Rev, it started to rain
Rainbow over langør
Vagn on Besser Rev
As far as we could get
The ocean
Lise out on Besser Rev after the rain had passed over us
Lise in the wind
The house in the afternoon
The view out over the hills
The roaring Kattegat
The last light of the day
Waves on the beach
Waves in winter light

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred