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Bhoto Jatra in Patan

Two weeks in Nepal

Every spring a chariot processing takes place to celebrate Avalokiteśvara, the giver of rain. However due to the earthquake I had the opportunity to observe the festival unfold when I visited Patan in the end of September instead.

September 29th, 2015

Walking down the street I spot an odd christmas tree like structure in the distance
A big crowd of people is cheering as the chariot is slowly pulled by across the square by what looks like more than 60 drunk people, all lead by the guy you can see to the right coordinating the efforts.
The wheels are watchful
To take a turn some pushing was needed too
Ropes are getting re-distributed and we all take a small break before the pulling starts again
The front of the chariot
The driver shouts and gestures to the rope pullers
The army had showed up too. Supposedly they are assigned to help with the pulling of the chariot some years
The street is impassable
A few tiles here and there would get knocked down as the chariot travels through the narrow streets
A mini chariot follows its bigger brother pulled by kids
The kings men are standing watch on a part of the route to represent that the now dead king is watching the parade unfold
A building is supported by planks after the earth quake
On lookers watch as the chariot is slowly coming closer
Nevari wood carvings on a corner
A pair of horn blowers paved the way for the chariot together with drummers and dancers
Spectators (1)
Spectators (2)

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred