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Sheffield and Nearby

Whitby and other springtime moments

A big collection of springphotos from Sheffield and nearby. It features the hammock I got for my birthday from Lisa, many bicycle rides in the peak district and lots of lovely small adventures to the nearby rivers.

March 27th to May 14th, 2022

Ash Prancing on Mother's day
Playing on the playground near nursery
In the playground tube near Middlewood nursery
Ash sleeping in my arms
Watching a film upstairs
Looking at the river
Breakfast outside
Being loud and happy
Ash and Lisa having a conversation
The relationship between Ash and Smokey
A friendly stranger offered to take our photo at Our Cow Molly
Ash playing football
Testing out the hammock I got for my birthday
Lisa and Ash in Hammock
Splashing in Rivelin
Ash getting his shoes wet in Rivelin
Preparing beech leaf noyau
Eating an orange by the roadside
Confident Strutter
Sleeping in the bike
Sitting in my new hammock
Hammock time
Looking at Chatsworth on a lunch break on our bike-ride to Matlock
Running across the playground after nursery pickup
Having a look at a keg at Strines Inn
Walking with a stick
Ash with a dandilion
Ash poking his head around the corner to say hi to me
Looking good on a bench
Amu and Ash having take-away

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred