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Springtime + Whitby

Whitby and other springtime moments

Springtime pictures mostly featuring a lovely extended weekend in Whitby after going to Newcastle for dancing. We had the loveliest sunny weather in Whitby and got to frollick on the beach and hunt fossils

February 26th to March 24th, 2022

Birthday meal for Fred with Paul, Judith, Reuben and Charlotte present too
First flowers
Ash outside the house looking cheeky
Ash outside the house admiring the crocus
Watching the sea from the pier
Fish and Chips on the pier
Waiting for Lisa in the chip shop
Ash on the pier
Day trip along the southern beach while the tide was low
Lisa and Ash walking out in the receding tide
Walking back home as the tide came in
Smoked kippers
Fossil from the beach

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred