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Samsø new year 2015

Winter 2014-2015

Together with Krem, Niels, Sandra, Silje, Filip and Mattias I celebreated New Years on Samsø. We had beautiful weather and took a lot of walks in the hills when we weren't inside eating

December 28th, 2015

Walking with Krem on Besser Rev
The view towards the end of Besser Rev and Kyholm
A frosty few days had covered the puddles with a thin layer of ice
Kyholm seen from the very end of Besser Rev
A snow covered pheasant waiting to be cooked
Early morning view of the hills near the house with a deer jumping by
The wings of the pheasant
Mattias watching youtube videos to prepare for the plucking of the bird
Sandra solving the pussle while Niels and Silje are watching Lille Nørd
The grassy hills next to Issehoved, the northernmost tip of the island
The sand beach at the very tip of Samsø
Filip, Sandra and Krem joined me for a walk back
Looking south west from Issehoved over the hills
Sandra and Krem keeping an eye on the rocks
A stairway to heaven
Mattias preparing the pheasant while Sandra is kneading bread on the table and Niels is watching nervously
Everybody enjoying the vegan Burritos with Pheasant and chicken
Silje and Niels watches as Sandra demonstrates the dough consistency
It's 2am and Mattias has decided to order and sort every single piece of the 1000 piece puzzle
New Year's eve with roast and brown potatoes

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred