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Visit to Istanbul

Winter 2014-2015

Photos from Istanbul where I spent four days walking around in the city and exploring visiting a few of the major and a lot of the very minor sights.

December 12nd, 2014

An Assyrian sporting a fancy new wrist watch from the archeological museum
Tiles and patterns of the walls of the Harem of the Topkapı Palace
Visiters roaming the archeological museum of Instanbul
A look of the ceiling in Hagia Sophia
The ceiling near the exit in Hagia Sophia
A shot of the main dome in Hagia Sophia
Rainy Istanbul
Boats on the Bosporus
A view of the straight facing north
Istanbul city planning is centered around the M&M theory of Mosques and Malls. I'm not actually sure the skyscraper in the background is a mall, but let's pretend it is.
The bridge leading from Beyoğlu to Eminönü filled with people fishing in the Golden Horn.
Boats on the Golden Horn
A man enjoys the view towards Eminönü and the old city
The old trainstation Haydarpaşa Gari on the Asian part of Istanbul where trains until recently departed for Theran and the rest of Turkey.
The view towards Eminönü and the old city
Evrim looking at the birds (that is, after I told her to so I could take a photo)
The evolution street on Adalar. We took a photo for the occasion since it's not every day a street is named after Evrim.
Cats of Adalar. This is just a small sample.
Another cat we met on the way
Trees next to an old Rum orphanage.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred