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Skiing across the ocean

Winter holiday on Greenland

Together with my dad I went on skis out over the frozen ocean to a nearby glacier and back again. This trip was by far the most beautiful skiing trip I have ever done.

February 15th, 2013

It doesn't look like it, but I'm standing on the frozen sea taking this picture.
Light plays on the mountain side which looks tantalizing close but turns out to be quite a way away.
My dad leading the way towards the glacier shining blue in the background.
An eskimo hunter is sitting on his sled next to the open water waiting for seals to appear.
Untouched snow
Next to the wall of ice.
Ice in different colors standing straight out of the water.
A blue wall.
The color of the ice up close.
The afternoon sun on a blue sky
My dad posing in front of the glacier.
An eskimo hunter at the waterfront. Next to him, his dogs are waiting patiently while he scouts over the water with binoculars.
The same hunter as in the photo before. On his sled is his kayak so he can paddle out and gather the seals he might catch.
Heading home as the sun is setting.
The sled dogs are curious to see who the stranger is out here on the ice.
Pretty and less pretty dogs.
The traces in the ice is from the dog sleds used by the hunters.
Our friend is still scouting for seals as we head home.
My dad skiing over the ice.
The still water, slowly getting covered in ice.
Kulusuk in the early evening.
Another and closer shot of the glorious city of Kulusuk.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred