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With CACS in Bangalore

With EPFL in Asia

Together with students from EPFL I spent 10 days in Bangalore as part of my Minor in Culture and Area studies. The most memorable moment from those days where our trip to a school in a village from where most of the photos in this album are from.

August 23rd, 2012

The boys' side of the courtyard
The girls' side of the courtyard
Pupils listening much more attentive than me to a speech welcoming us swiss students to India and this school
One kid takes a look at me during Hans Peters speech
The girls where putting up their hair so neatly. In the background dancers where dancing in front of most of my classmates.
We all stood up for the national anthem
Currency, sir?
A street in the village where we went to see the school
After visiting the school we went to a farm. This is their well.
Another day, this time visiting a school for kids in the slum.
The slum next to the military golf course.
We had some presentations and a bit of food in the art room of the school

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred