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Market in Bangalore

With EPFL in Asia

One very early morning I took an auto down to the flower market to take a few pictures of people buying and selling in the early hours of the day. From there I went on towards the normal market and up through the old city before walking home again.

August 25th, 2012

This chap called out to me to be photographed and held up a nice bouquet as I sat down to take his photo.
Bags of pedals lining the busy walkway
Next to the flowers in the empty construction site of the new metro, some sort of salad could be bought by the cubic meter.
Neatly arranged betel leaves was put out in baskets.
Two ballerinas practicing
Happy bantering and plenty of head-bobbing went on as flowers were changing hands
Flowers flowers flowers
This photogenic gentleman tried hard to sell me a bouquet for my sweetheart.
A flower vendor keeping an eye on me from behind the long plastic bags of pedals.
Lots of busy activity inside the market building.
I love the smiles of the gentleman to the left
Sugarcane was prepared outside the market building
A gang of up-to-no-good'ers hanging around the empty corridors of the market building.
The salad street
A porter stops to take a look at the silly foreigner walking around in the nasty back alleys behind the market
The obligatory old door.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred