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Hampi day 1

Hampi with Nandini

After Bangalore I went up to Hampi together with Nandhini where we spent 5 days walking around among ruins and temple monkeys. Hampi was the center of a vast empire until it was destroyed by invading armies 500 years ago. Now an area covering 26 square km's is full of ruins to explore.

August 3rd, 2012

My favorite lions, keeping up temples everywhere while smiling
A temple monkey and her temple monkey apprentice baby monkey
A few goats a lining up to inspect a ruin.
We found this very large caterpillar. The book next to it is a standard sized moleskin.
A staircase leading up to a temple on top of the hill in which there was a holy man smoking marijuana and telling us about the snake god.
Nandhini is enjoying the view from the train in the morning as we are arriving at Hospet
a local fellow
A couple of local monkeys hanging out
Another overview of the temple and landscape
There were more small decorations like this than I could point my lens at
A goat herder was grazing his goats around a few temples while he was sitting in the shade nearby.
Another local fellow of a similar color
The temple next to which we found a room in a guesthouse and moved in
Nandhini looking out over the banana plantages
Close up of an entrance of another temple not so far from the first temple (and next to a third temple)

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred