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Hampi day 2

Hampi with Nandini

During our second day in Hampi we went for an early walk along the river before deciding to rent a bike and go to see the king's palace some 5km from where we stayed.

August 4th, 2012

Small circular boats were floating up and down the river
The beach at the corner of the river right in between two big temples was a place of pilgrimage. Each day people would go for a quick swim while the small circular boats were drying on the river bank.
Walking along the river in the early morning we came across several small ruins like this one.
We would be walking on the rocks and suddenly stumble over small (or rather big) pieces of the past
The footsteps of a square footed dinosaur with a very wide and perculiar gait.
A couple of Shivas cut out of the bedrock.
The site of pilgrimage, this time photographed from the other side of the river.
A gang of unruly youngsters were biking around and demanded I take a photography.
This is me, walking amidst the ruins. Nandhini took the photo and is here hiding behind the camera.
A couple of priests/touts asking for donations after we had taken their picture.
My favorite statue by far. How delighted must a god be to put up this face? VERY delighted, that's for sure. Or maybe enraged.
A nicely cut column inside the royal palace where we had gone with bikes to explore.
Ganesha cut out of some beautiful black stone.
A photo detailing the construction of a temple roof that Nandhini took.
the king's step tank. Here he would bathe before he would cover his body in scented oils, wrestle giants and ride out on the plains on his horse to greet the dawn.
Details from the outer walls of a particularly well decorated building on the palace grounds
My favorite lions once again, smiling as they hold up the entire building.
A three toed giant accidentally stepped on this rock. In fact it's a plate made by the king so that he could serve a thousand people at the same sitting.
After biking around the palace we somehow ended up lost in the middle of a banana plantage, and had to ask the kind owner to rescue us, which he happily did.
Nandhini posing with her bike as a troup of pilgrimmers enter the temple even though it's actually after closing time and the guard would like to go home.
In the evening a storm was brewing and some kids had started a fire by the main temple.
Strong winds were pushing the coconut palms.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred