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With CACS in Shanghai (Part 2)

With EPFL in Asia

The last 5 days of my trip to Shanghai together with the rest of the students from my minor in Culture and Area Studies.

September 3rd, 2012

A traditional Chinese hospital is inspected thoroughly
Chart of the foot reflective zones health therapy
Julian gets acupunctured. It didn't cure him.
A traditional pharmacy down the road from our guesthouse. I stopped by to buy some medicin for a cough and I was handed half a kilo of different dried flowers. They didn't work much, but maybe I ingested them wrong.
These are the anti-cough flowers. I'm sure they have other uses too.
A lizard on a stick in case you are suffering from anything that needs lizards on sticks to cure.
The ordering process at a restaurant
Eating at a typical chinese restaurant with a turntable centered on the round table and two attentive waiters watching over us at all times.
The international fair for contemporary art in Shanghai was duly inspected. The art was so contemporary some of the frames weren't even square.
I found a few of my classmates at the bar of the contemporary art fair. Supposedly there was free vodka.
Legs without bodies outside an art museum in Shanghai.
It's just about to pour down.
Karaoke with Ching (which I'm probably not spelling correctly)
The Bund at around 5 in the morning on the way home to the guesthouse.
The man responsible for keeping the river from imploding.
An old window from somewhere.
Colorful windows near the apple store.
Kittens sleeping outside a house.
A residential street in Shanghai
Waiting for the maglev train to take me to the airport.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred