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With CACS in Shanghai (Part 1)

With EPFL in Asia

After Bangalore I went to Shanghai together with the other students from my minor (culture and area studies) to study the chinese for 10 days. We spent all ten days in Shanghai going to lectures and walking around the city. These photos are from the first 5 days of the trip.

August 30th to September 2nd, 2012

Soldiers are sitting listening to a speech on the campus of Tongji University
One of the first nights we went to a fancy rooftop terrace to have a drink and enjoy the view of the city. The above is what it looks like.
The rooftop terrace on the Bund by the river.
The Bund where people walk by the river can be seen down below, and on the other side is the big financial district of Shanghai.
Vy was very excited about the food.
People at the Bund around nighttime.
While being academic of nature, we still had time to enjoy a real Chinese tourist trap, complete with flag-carrying guide and allocated time for shopping.
There's a boat-full of architects in the lower left corner.
A man sitting in a restaurant in the old part of Shanghai.
Some of you might recognize the poster to the right. Or at least parts of it.
This stud was posing right next to the lobster place like there was no tomorrow.
The wonderful but somewhat crowded metro of Shanghai
Street life in some random street of Shanghai far away from everything.
More street life
A couple were having their picture taken in the street. I could have thought of better locations, but maybe they wanted the picture that way.
The view towards Pudong, the financial district.
The view towards the Bund.
Last sunrays on the Bund.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred